Animal Educational Wooden Beaded Geometry Digital Clock Puzzles

Color: penguin

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High-quality solid wood, smooth edges, safe and non-toxic. Rich colors, cute images, improve children's cognitive ability and image thinking ability.

Two rotatable hands, different numbers correspond to different objects. Each piece is an independent plate. The baby places it in the corresponding position according to its shape, number, and color, learns the numbers and recognizes the clock.

Enhancing the baby's understanding of color numbers, while exercising the grasping ability of the hands, can also exercise the child's brain agility; have a deeper understanding of shapes.

Wooden colorful geometry clock blocks are one of the most popular items! More play ways encourage the development of problem-solving and logic skills. Children can install or take out the colorful figures from the clock according to a certain order they can also bead the finger according to colors.

Family can also teach children to understand the time and geometry as the sample. Using Quality Wood materials and a smooth surface without a burr of 360 degrees will not cause any harm to the baby's body.

Bright Colorful Blocks Design is conducive to the development of children's sensory awareness about color and attracts the attention of Children. All pieces are enclosed making for easy use and lots of fun! Durable child-safe paint finish and solid wood construction make this a toy your child will love for years to come.










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